Monday, 1 September 2008

August Reading List

I am slightly surprised to discover that I have read 91 books so far this year. Go me! Although I should remind myself that this is about quality not quantity but I think I've had a nice balance.

Choosing my Bookling POTM for August was a toughie but I think it has to be Claire Tomlin's Jane Austen: A Life. A wonderful piece of work and a must for anyone who wants to understand her influences better. I watched the BBC film Miss Austen Regrets a couple of weeks ago and definitely enjoyed the film more for having read this first. Part of the fun was recognising quotes from her letters and then there was the added enjoyment of disliking her niece, Fanny, as much on screen as I had decided I did from reading about her. That could just be me though...

So, this month's reading list was:
*I'll review Old Man's War in the next couple of days, when I've finished reading the sort-of-sequel Ghost Brigades.

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