Friday, 26 September 2008

The pile grows yet taller

Oh dear. Having just read Cornflower's post about out of control To Be Read piles, and the comments it attracted, I found myself utterly unable to resist the lure of charity shop books! My friend and I did the "Magdalene Street Charity Shop Crawl" this morning and I came back with this little stash of thirteen extra books. Most were priced at 50p although the prices did reach a giddy £1 when I got to Scope - not a bad haul for well under a tenner though.

A friend of mine recently bought a box of twenty Georgette Heyer books for £2 but sadly I didn't have that luck today. I am told that I have to head to "out of town" charity shops for that scale of bargain which has been duly noted as I think this could become a bit of an addiction...

Did I really need thirteen more books? Of course not but I do love a bargain! I'm really pleased about the four David Lodge books I found as I will be seeing him speak at the UEA Literary Festival in a couple of weeks and this will enable me to refresh myself on his work. I also found a Toni Morrison I don't have and I've had both Margaret Drabble and Margaret Foster on my "authors to read" list for ages so I can make a start on them now. That's my excuse, and I am sticking to it!

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Carl V. Anderson said...

Time and Again, The Ghost Brigade, Moorcock...what a great pile!!!