Friday, 1 May 2009

April Reading List

A total of eleven books read this month and as you can see, it was a pretty mixed bag! I started with the glorious revolution then moved into the future and then headed back to a glut of regency romance to finish the month off.

What with being on holiday then general busy-ness, I didn't properly review all the books I read this month but (as usual) have told self to Do Better Next Month. I'm still working on my review of Neal Stephenson's trilogy and that should be out soon!

Quicksilver, Confusion and The System of the World - Neal Stephenson
The Understudy - David Nicholls
Halting State - Charles Stross
The Iron Man - Ted Hughes
The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson
When He Was Wicked and Mr Cavendish, I Presume - Julia Quinn
False Colours - Georgette Heyer
Sir Phillip, With Love - Julia Quinn

At £1 per book, that's also an £11 donation to Book Aid as part of my year of readers commitment.

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Jodie said...

Hurray for you! And a second hurray because you have won the April prize draw :)

Email me at with your bookmooch account details and your chosen bookmooch charity to receive your prize :)