Sunday, 10 May 2009

A was meant to be for Art!

...but was actually for Armchair.

Our first Alphabet Weekend didn't go entirely to plan but I don't think that really matters! Mr B had planned that A is for Art and we went to see the Levity III luminarium which is a 10000sq ft inflatable, walk-through sculpture and is currently inflated in Norwich. There was an enormous queue so we decided to visit it after work during the week and go for a brunch instead and then head up to the Castle Museum to see their current art gallery exhibitions.

Except the Museum was closed. :(

So we had a stroll around the city instead and walked home via Elm Hill (see above). Where we passed an antique shop with a chair outside it. A pinkish chair that looked very similar in shape to the "dream" chair I've been looking for for about two years. I want(ed) the perfect old fashioned chair for reading in - comfy, big wings for napping against and room for me and the dogs. We stopped. We asked how much? We winced a bit. The chap said he had another larger one inside that might be just what I wanted. It certainly was. We asked how much is that one? We winced a bit more. I looked at Mr B. I said "What if we don't go away in June for a few days and buy these instead?". Mr B knew we were buying at least one chair. We asked how much for the pair? He did a deal. We bought both.

Then the nice chap popped them in his van and dropped the chairs, and us, home. They are now installed in what will be my snug once we've worked out what to do with the dining room table! They do need re-covering at some point but at least Oscar seems to like them! The picture is of the smaller of the two...

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