Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase

Well honestly. What is a girl to do when returning her stash of romance novels to the library but to "just check" to see if any other Loretta Chase books are on the shelf? Then to just borrow another one. Then read it very, very quickly indeed? Sadly the copy I borrowed did not have this wonderfully genre cover but I laughed so hard when I saw it online that I felt that I just had to use it to illustrate this post!

Lord Perfect is book three in the series and follows on the from events of Miss Wonderful and Mr Impossible. The eldest Carsington brother, and the Earl of Hargate's heir, Benedict Carsington is tall, dark, and handsome. He is known as "Lord Perfect" for his impeccable manners, good breeding and is a stickler for social rules.

That is until he meets the gorgeous Bathsheba Wingate, who is both recently widowed and a member of the notorious De Lucey family. She has a very high spirited daughter who lures Benedict's nephew into a quest for a legendary treasure and to recover the pair before scandal breaks they set off on a rescue mission. With predictable results.

Loretta Chase's wonderful sense of the absurd, in combination with a good sense of humour, made this book a joy to read. The dialogue between Benedict and Bathsheba was great fun and there are a couple of delightful scenes between that made me laugh out loud. In particular the scene in the bathroom but I am quite confident that I could not explain just why it made me chuckle.

Another very enjoyable read from Loretta Chase and with only one Carsington brother left unmarried I suspect he'll be next up! What fun.


Ana said...

I am loving to read your discovery of Loretta Chase and Lisa Kleypas. What wouldn't I give to discover them all over again.

The final book in the Carsington series is Not Quite a Lady -also very good. After those, I urge you , no I BEG of you to search for Lord of Scoundrels - that is not only the best Loretta Chase novel but also , quite possibly,the best romance I have ever read. period.

And since you just finished with Lord Perfect, you might be happy to know that she is writing Olivia and Peregrine's story next! : D

Peta said...

How could I resist such a plea? One copy of Lord of Scoundrels is now heading my way!

I am so glad she is writing Olivia and Peregrine's story - I really felt that they needed their own and that it would be fabulous.

Ama said...

Hooray! I will keep an eye open for your review!! : D