Sunday, 14 June 2009

F is for Failure

This week is my call for our alphabet weekend activity but sadly we just don't have time for anything exciting. Mr B was filming a wedding yesterday and today he'll be playing (and I will be watching) cricket all day today so there was no chance of fitting in my planned day trip. When I accepted that this was going to be a rubbish effort weekend, I settled for going into M&S on my way home for work on Friday in search of French food and Fine wine to eat/drink whilst watching a Film. As it was looking nice and summery (and their choice of French food was pretty limited) I went for moules and frites, followed by lemon souffle and washed it down with some Fitou. I bought some pretty Flowers too but these were clearly me stretching my panic-theme to my own advantage!

I'd planned on us watching a couple of french films, as we have a small selection at home that we've not seen yet. But... at the end of the working week something less challenging was required so we ended up with (I am almost ashamed to type this) The Tale of Despereaux on the basis that it sounded as if it could be set in France. It wasn't. A bottle of Fitou later and we watched the considerable more intellectual Shape Of Things which was written and directed by Neil LaBute and starred Paul Rudd (who can do no wrong in this household) and Rachel Weisz.

My lesson - keep an eye on the calendar and ensure that at least one day/evening of the weekend is actually free! Roll on H...

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