Saturday, 5 July 2008

For non RookRabbiters

They're giving away free books to the first 1000 people who upload bookshelves and tag five books. New registrations only so that's me out but I might as well spread joy since I utterly failed to get my act together in time to participate in BAFAB week.

I feel even worse about this as I won a book today over at Oxford Reader's blog. Rumours I bribed Andrex the rabbit are false, I tell you. False! *cough*

I'll run a random one myself soon though. Promise! Or I could plan something insane for the next one in October. Food for thought!


GlassCurls said...

Don't feel guilty, there are other BAFAB draws and many years in which to do them. I also confirm you didn't bribe Andrex the rabbit - mainly because he's not a rabbit. He is a dog, as in the cute ball of fluff that runs around the tv. His ears are all over the place because he has been muchly loved!

Peta said...

Erp. What a faux pas! My humble apologies to Andrex. How could I have possibly thought he was a rabbit? The shame.