Saturday, 7 June 2008

Birthday Stash

Birthdays are rather lovely things, even if I was in a grumps about being ancient! My husband took me to see The Zutons play at Thetford Forest on my birthday itself so that I could feel young and go to a "gig". They were great live and I really enjoyed Noah and the Whale who were one of their support acts.

I also have a lovely family! Despite their groans of "Oh no - not more books", my birthday book "haul" ended up at 23 which should keep me quiet for a few weeks. I feel like a dragon snoozing on treasure. :D


galant said...

Hope it's not to late to wish you a Happy Birthday ... and what a lovely stash of books! My problem is that friends know I have so many books that they now don't give me books as presents because, they say, "I will probably have them already!" Sadly, this is often the case, but there's nothing quite as nice as having books for a birthday, is there? Along with flowers, chocolates, expensive soap and good quality scent (the old, traditional ones for me ... Lanvin's Arpege, Hermes' Caleche and Guerlain's L'heure Bleue.) I see one of your books is a Douglas Kennedy. I quite enjoyed his A Special Relationship. I also see a Simon Garfield which I would really like to read. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your birthday, feet up, reading ...
from Margaret Powling

Peta said...

It's never to late to be wished a Happy Birthday - thank you! I have a (bad) habit of ensuring that my husband knows exactly where my "to buy" book list is saved so that I get lots of lovely books I don't have already. People very rarely go "off list" as they know that I own a ludicrous number of books so chances are high that it'll be a duplicate!

I'm looking forward to working my way through them.