Friday, 26 March 2010

Once Upon A Time IV - The Shortlist

Hip Hooray! Spring has officially Sprung! At last...

As I look out of the window I can see blue skies and bright sunshine, snowdrops are giving way to hellebores and primroses, my daffodils are nearly in bud, the crocuses are fading and there are tiny shoots starting to form on the roses and clematis. It won't be long now before I can enjoy walking through the woods carpeted in bluebells. I think this might be my favourite time of year in the garden - so much promise of what's to come.

My desk at work has no line of sight to the outside so I've only enjoyed the much needed sunshine we've been having this week on the walk there and back but as I've taken today off as holiday, I intend to spend it enjoying guilt-free blogging, reading and taking the dogs out to enjoy the gorgeous weather with me. If he's very good I might take Mr B out too but he's working on an epic cine-film transfer in a dark room with the curtains drawn and the black-out blind down so perhaps I had better not tell him how lovely it is outside...

I meant to put this list up last weekend but somehow time got away from me - actually I was feeling a little "under the weather" after a great birthday party for a friend - so now seems as good a time as any. This list is in absolutely no order whatsoever, is only made up of unread books I have to hand and is subject to whim.

Absolute Sandman - Neil Gaiman
Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti
Biting the Sun - Tanith Lee
Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin
The Night of Kerberos - Mike Wild
The Rain Wild Chronicles - Robin Hobb
The Crown Conspiracy - Michael J. Sullivan
The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

As ever, half the fun is seeing what other people choose and I absolutely can't wait to start this challenge properly.


Jodie said...

Ah the prettiness of spring. The daffs are on their way now as well. Love your OUaT list, please read 'The Thief' if possible, I hear a lot of hype and that makes me suspicious, so I'd like to hear from someone I 'know'.

Michael J. Sullivan said...

I'm interested in finding out how The Crown Conspiracy made your list. I won't vote for you to read it, because that would be just a little too self-serving, but I can't help but wonder what brought it to the list.

Peta said...

Jodie: Your wish is my command!

Michael: Gosh. That was a surprising, and very pleasant, comment to see! I read rave reviews of your work over on the Fantasy Book Critic blog and am really looking forward to reading the first volume.

Michael J. Sullivan said...

Regardless of the vote here, I hope you still find time to try it. If you like, you can take it outside and read it under a tree perhaps. In paperback or Kindle form, you can still get your outdoor time.

Thanks for listing it, and good luck with your reading.

Ana S. said...

I adore Goblin Market! Definitely one of my favourite poems. And you simply can't go wrong with The Sandman. Happy reading!

Peta said...

I'm going to start The Sandman today and I'm really looking forward to it! :)