Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The True Blood Series - Charlaine Harris

When I posted my November reading list at the start of this month, I mentioned that I’d bought the first eight of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books from the book people for a bargain £8. I also said that I’d read the first two but was not sure that the series was going to be my cup of tea.
Erm – well… Since that post on the 1st December I have read all eight books back to back. Yes. All eight books. Back to back. In nine days. Gulp! …and I’d be reading the ninth if it was not already out on loan at my local library!!

Set in the contemporary world, soon after the world’s previously secret Vampire community have “outed” themselves, this series of books focuses on the experiences of Sookie Stackhouse, a cocktail waitress in Bon Temps,
Louisiana who has an
unusual talent – the ability to read minds. The first book covers her developing relationship with Bill
Compton who is a vampire who’s moved in next door. Her unusual ability means that she’s not really had a chance to form close relationships before as she’s found it hard to block out the constant chatter that she picks up from those around her and part of Bill’s appeal is that she can’t read the minds of vampires.

Her relationship with Bill brings her into contact with other members of the vampire community and life becomes significantly more complicated, and dangerous, for her. She becomes useful to several powerful vampires and, as she becomes more a part of their society, she learns more than most humans about the other “Supes” that live amongst humans – like shape shifters and werewolves.

I’m not entirely sure what I found so addictive about the series. I think it might be just the sheer escapism of a series that features (amongst others) vampires, were-creatures, shape shifters, witches and fairies… The storylines are not complex, the characters are easy to follow and there is plenty of blood and guts action to keep you interested even when her tangled love life isn’t centre stage.

I read Bitten and Stolen by Kelley Armstrong earlier this
year and, although slightly steamier, I would imagine that these would appeal to the same audience.


Jodie said...

Are you going to watch the tv series now? Extremly steamy :)

Peta said...

Blimey! The books are not that saucy although there are moments in books 1, 3 and (possibly) 5... Perhaps that's what's "inspired" the director ;)

minervamouse said...

The Sookie Stackhouse books have been a sort of guilty secret pleasure of mine for a few years now. Just great escapist fun but with a heart but I really can't cope with the tv series!
Tried to watch the first episode with my 24 year old daughter and wanted to curl up with embarrasment so watched the re-run on my own and still didn't like it! As a mother of four and a journalist for 30 years I'm far from being a prude but I think I will stick to the books.
Love Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison is good too.

Peta said...

I actually quite liked that the books were on the tamer side of paranormal romance and it's a shame that the TV series seems to be about Hot Steamy Romance rather than the stories. I might have to check out an episode just to see for myself though!!