Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I'm Back!

We arrived back from Kenya this morning - getting into the house at 2am (5 hours later than planned) after the flight was re-scheduled and there was a delay on re-fuelling in Cairo. A delightful end to an otherwise fantastic holiday...

I can not recommend both Sable Valley and The Cove tree houses enough - these are where we stayed for the second week of our trip. As well as being fantastic accommodation in seriously beautiful places, we were utterly spoiled by the Destination Adventure team at both locations. Both great places to relax and I'd definitely consider staying there again.

I only managed to read four books over the two weeks (and one of those was on the return flight) and I will post about them shortly. I am pleased to announce that Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle has now been read and I am so glad that I had two whole weeks in which to indulge myself in reading the three books back to back. What luxury! The pic above is of me reading the first book, Quicksilver.

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