Sunday, 2 August 2009

M is for Market!

According to its very own official website, "Norwich Market is unique in Britain. It boasts over 190 stalls and is the largest Monday-to-Saturday open market in the country. There’s been a market in Norwich since Saxon times and it’s been on its current site longer than any of the buildings that surround it."

Cor.I walk past this market on my way to and from work but, for some reason, have not really used it since I was a teenager in search of second hand romantic novels and Mr B hadn't visited it for years so it seemed like a good alphabet activity. We spent absolutely ages exploring every stall and it was fabulous. I honestly had no idea just what an enormous range of products were available in this relatively small space.

Look at all the pretty/tasty things we bought:

These burgers from Pickerings were absolutely delicious and I can safely say that I know where we'll be going to buy any future ones!

I have to say that we were really impressed with our trip and would recommend it as a great place to shop in the centre of Norwich.


Ana said...

good grief! You live in Norwich? we are practically neighbors! I live in Cambridge

Peta said...

Blimey - it is indeed a small world! :)

Jodie said...

That looks lovely! Btw your kayaking post has completly disappeared but I just wanted to say you were evry brave for going out in such a small boat with 2 dogs :)

Peta said...

Jodie - brave or stupid? ;)