Saturday, 17 May 2008

Some Things...

A general round-up of things that I meant to mention at the time but didn't.
  • Let's start with a bit of fun and head over to Stuck-in-a-book's Devouring Books challenge where he asked for submissions of books with food in their title. He sums up the best entries here (I might just mention that one was mine!) and it was fun scouring my shelves and reading other entries. Especially the ones that I have read but forgot about! It strikes me, after reading the list, that the most prolific food-in-title author could well be Joanne Harris.
  • Scott Pack is running a "best of the rest" Booker contest to run alongside the official Best of the Booker contest which is between Pat Barker, Peter Carey, JM Coetzee, JG Farrell, Nadine Gordimer and Salman Rushdie. Scott has pulled together a very esteemed panel who have each submitted their favourite book that was shortlisted for the Booker Prize but failed to win. You can cast your vote for the Best of the Rest book here! I voted for Cloud Atlas but confess that I've not read them all.
  • Last week's Thursday soapbox from Vulpes Libris was by Catherine Jones and called "Pride in the Face of Prejudice". Catherine is Chair of the Romantic Novelists' Association and writes a great guest post. "It is a truth universally acknowledged that writing a book requires no skill and no talent whatsoever..." I thoroughly enjoyed this article and Catherine makes some great points..
  • Just One More Book dropped me a line to tell me about the thrice-weekly podcast they record about the children's books they love and why they love them. "Our goals are to link children with great books and to help create happy memories for children and the adults that read to them…and to have fun! "
I think that's it for now...

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