Saturday, 10 May 2008

Love Your Library

I meant to write about a trip I made to my local library a few days ago. Check out my new tote bag that I ended up buying there. For a bargain £1.20 too - although my £10 note did cause chaos... I needed it as I "accidentally" borrowed six books on a visit that was supposed to be only to look up a mushroom field guide. We've got some mushrooms sprouting in bark chippings that I am pretty sure are morel mushrooms but I want to be quite, quite sure not just pretty sure! Oh dear - I now realise that I forgot to look that up but as they have all collapsed in the heat that's OK.

The council are running a Love Your Library campaign and it must be doing something as Norwich has the busiest public library in the country. Go us.

Aaaaanyway - back to my library trip. In an unheard of event, I managed to borrow two full series of books* from the SFF section. This never happens as usually they're all there except the first book in a trilogy or the middle volume has a status of On Shelf every time I check but is nowhere to be found. I do love how I can check what's in, reserve copies and renew my books online. I've no idea if other libraries networks have this service but I am very glad that mine does!

*Innocent Mage & Awakened Mage by Karen Miller and the Age of Unreason series by Greg Keyes.

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Jennifer said...

I work at our town library and one of the great things is Interlibrary loan (ILL). If we don't have it at our library I can get it from any of the 48 libraries we're linked to. It's amazing. We also can manage our library account online. Our patrons love it.