Wednesday, 28 May 2008


...for the unannounced interruption in service. I was in Newcastle visiting my brother and his girlfriend for a very long weekend. It was very windy but the sun shone and, as it rained and rained and rained back in Norwich, I can't complain too much about the weather! Some very long drives there and back were enlivened by the Adam and Joe podcast collection. I can thoroughly recommend the recent STEPHEN! episode. Even though it nearly caused us to crash as Mr B was laughing so hard.

Whilst there, we went to a pub, watched a bit of Eurovision, went to a garden centre, had a swim, saw Indiana Jones IV in a very nice cinema, went to another pub, experienced lots of live music for a mere £3 and, as a final treat, dragged my husband and brother around Ikea auditioning bookshelves. Not all in one day!

Couple of things to mention that I've noticed in my google reader catchup:
  • I enjoyed a spot of memory lane courtesy of Joe Abercrombie and Part 1 of his "History of Gaming". If only we still had the wood-effect original Pong console!
  • You can buy sets of matching books by the foot or yard to fill your library with! Link.
  • I found The Republic of Pemberley (via here) which, as you might expect, is a collection of all things Austen. They have a great shoppe section which is filled with things I want but don't need. I leave you with an example!

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