Sunday, 26 July 2009

L is for Latin Dance!

Just a quick post to say that this week's alphabet activity was Latin Dance. I had tried to get in touch with a local dance instructor who teaches the Lindy Hop but sadly they didn't respond to emails. Or perhaps just as well as it does look pretty energetic!

Armed with only a jug of mojito and a "Discover Latin Dance" DVD, we spent quite some time learning the Cha Cha along with some associated set moves - to the bemusement of our dogs. Once we'd mastered the dance (!) we were exhausted, and a bit sore from treading on each other, we decided to skip the rumba and samba sections of the DVD for now. Perhaps a teacher would have been more effective for beginner dancers but I am sure they would have frowned on the frequency of our mojito breaks!


Kathleen Jones said...

ON the subject of Latin Dance - have you read the excellent 'Travels on the Dance Floor' by Grevel Lindop? He went to Cuba and latin america in search of the real latin dance, with lots of adventures on the way. It was serialised on Radio 4 earlier in the year. Read it and you can dance vicariously!

Jodie said...

There should always be mojito breaks to keep you rehydrated ;)

Can I make a quick suggestion for when you get to S - speedway! I just realised there's a premier league speedway team near you (Norwich Stars so if you guys are into motorsport at all I bet you'd love it!

Peta said...

Kathleen - I've not read that one but sounds very interesting. I shall have a dig and thanks for the recommendation!

JOdie - Agreed! The S suggestion sound very intriguing as I've never been to see speedway. It's my husband's letter (oh how organised we are!) but I shall drop a broad hint as it would certainly be something very different!

Clerk said...

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Clerk said...
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