Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Honey, I'm Home!

Arrived back home this morning after intermittent internet access for the last three weeks to hundreds and hundreds of unread google reader feeds and heaps of post.

At least I'm self-employed so I can extend my holiday by one more day to catch up on this lot, spend lots of time hugging my dogs and to finish my last holiday read that I didn't quite manage to polish off on the flight(s).

The edition of Cryptonomicon I took with me is huge - a whopping 1.3kg and 23.5cm by 15cm. I could barely fit it in my hand luggage and got some odd looks when reading it by the pool! Great book though and very glad it made it onto my holiday shortlist. I've only got a few more pages to go and will do a proper holiday reading post tomorrow. I suspect I'll be embarking on Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle next.

In the meantime, I'm off to source a recipe for Key Lime Pie. Yummy.


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