Saturday, 11 September 2010

"I Aten't Dead"

Just a little note to say, in the words of the indomitable Granny Weatherwax, "I Aten't Dead".

In May this year we moved house to a very English thatched cottage in the country. Three and a bit months on and it still feels as if we are staying in a holiday rental and I can't quite believe that this is actually our home now! It took soooo long to get our internet connection sorted (vile, vile BT) that I just got out of the habit of blogging.

Once I'd caught up on my reader feeds, we'd unpacked, painted, started a veggie patch (look! I grew peas!) and settled in, it just didn't seem as though I had time to to write about the books I read as well as read them! Or maybe it's just not a priority.

So anyway. I'm still here. I'm still reading, I'm still following blogs, and at some point I might start writing on this one again. Or start a blog called "101 ways to eat a home grown courgette..." Seriously.


Jodie said...

Hiya! I'm very glad you're alive and have settled into a wonderful new house that obviously fills you with glee. (We like lots of pictures on the interwebs btw). Hope you keep having a wonderful time and that if you have time you pop in round my corner of the web sometimes :)

On a tangent note: thatch cottage - one of my friends would be so jealous, her husband was not a fan of getting a thatched cottage while she went all dreamy eyed near them when they moved this year. She admits it was probably for the best (because if the roof did have issues they do not have time for fixing said issues) but I still think she would like one. Is it kind of wonderful to be living in a chocolate box house?

Peta said...

Hi Jodie

I do drop by just don't comment much at the moment - loved your guest post on female warriors btw!

I didn't *mean* to buy a chocolatey thatched cottage it just worked out that way. I must admit the decision was made easier as the current roof is Norfolk Reed and has about 30 years (maybe more) to go. Plenty of time to save up for the replacement!

I'll see what I can do about those photos. :)

chrisa511 said...

Hi there :D Your new little place sounds AMAZING!!! And hooray for growing things!!! Love your little peas :)

Peta said...

Hi Chris

Hooray for growing things! I've loved seeing your own gardening adventures progress and have been very tempted to join in the Saturday Farmer's Market but it really would be mostly posts about courgettes! We moved in a bit late in the year to really get going in the garden but I have Big Plans for 2011! :)

GlassCurls said...

I think the world can never have too much advice on what to do with courgettes! So glad you're happy in your new home :-)