Sunday, 1 November 2009

October reading list and an apology

I feel as if I should hang a large "I Aten't Dead" note around my blog's virtual neck and my humble apologies for my utter lack of posting. I've been visiting friends who live in Toronto for the last couple of weeks and I write this post from Montréal, Quebec as Mr B and I come towards the end of our trip to Canada. We've been really lucky that the leaves are still on the trees so the countryside is a delight to drive through as the remnants of the Fall colours are incredible.

As well as doing some Toronto downtown exploring and obvious tourist things like dinner in the CN Tower, we were lucky enough to get tickets to see the Toronto Raptors win their first game of the season (Go Raptors!), visited Gananoque, Sandbanks National Park, Niagara Falls/Niagara-on-the-Lake and we've just spent a couple of nights in Québec City. Phew.

In contrast to the last couple of months, I've read a grand total of 13 books this month - although weirdly only one whilst I have actually been on holiday - s0 that's another £13 to my Book Aid fund which is now over the £100 mark! I've had a great time reading recently and nearly every book I read in October was the result of an amazon splurge where I bought books I knew I'd enjoy and race through. Rather shamefully I only blogged about the first book that I read this month and I really don't think I am going to get around to catching those posts up...

Reading List:
Past Imperfect - Julian Fellowes
Fables: Legends in Exile - Bill Willingham
Teremaire & Throne of Jade & Black Powder War & Empire of Ivory & Victory of Eagles - Naomi Novik
Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett
Grimspace - Ann Aguirre
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill
The Good Thief - Hannah Tinti
Ariel - Steven P Boyett
Singularity Sky - Charles Stross


Jodie said...

Glad you've been having such a great time, Canada is just amazing, espcially when you've been brought up to think of a trip from London to Scotland as 'a long way'.

That's such a cool reading total, I know your cash is going to make a great difference to your charity, especially as the recession reduces charity donations. You went on a massive Novick spree didn't you (don't balme you at all)!

Peta said...

This is an absolutely enormous country (the skies are vast) and I am so conscious we've not even explored Ontario and Quebec properly. Sadly we are heading towards the airport shortly and back to sunny England - although I am sure my bank balance will thank me!!

I did have a bit of a Novik splurge lat month and had such an enjoyably laaazy weekend reading all the books back to back! They would have been perfect for the read-a-thon if only I'd been around for it!