Friday, 18 January 2008

Baen Books

Today I had a most lovely surprise. I received a copy of John Ringo's There Will Be Dragons for Christmas and realised that it was part of a series. I popped them onto my green metropolis wish list, had a little pootle around some bookish sites in search of copies and then forgot I needed them.

Finding the book next to my upstairs PC prompted my memory and I asked google for some help in locating the books. Locate them I did and even better they were free! The good people at Baen Books have an online library of books you can download - and they tell you why here. I think it's a great way to sample authors I have heard of (but not quite got around to reading yet) and I look forward to downloading more.

I also thought I'd share the first book's cover art as it's pretty special. Although what you can't see from amazon's picture is that the mountainous background is a lovely shimmery silver. :D

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